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March 01, 2009



This is very interesting, and I plan to pass it along to the new, consolidated preservation organization in the Niagara Frontier area, Preservation Buffalo Niagara, which was formed last year by the joining forces of two other preservation organizations. Something like this cluster is emerging organically in the Niagara Frontier region (especially in Buffalo), but this idea might help provide form and impetus.

I wrote about the recent preservation organizational developments in the Niagara Frontier for the notable Buffalo blog, Buffalo Rising, which covers a lot of preservation issues. Links: http://archives.buffalorising.com/story/preservation_buffalo_niagara_i

and: http://www.buffalorising.com/2009/02/major-grant-to-make-a-lot-of-noise-and-save-a-lot-of-buildings.html

By the way, I visited RPI during the state canal conference in 2006, to look into the preservation program there. I'm sorry to hear it's no longer being offered.

Will you please drop me a line so I have your e-mail address--? Thank you, and best regards.

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